Facial Services

Beauty Beyond Fifty offers a specialized experience with every step custom-fit to you. A Holistic Beauty Specialist will access the proper combination of advanced facial modalities for best results according to location of wrinkles, sagging and discolorations of the face and neck. Gua Sha is highly recommended for the over indulgent use of botox injections, fillers and peels.

Beautifying Facial Therapy

Gua Sha Facelift & Neck Rejuvination


Using an ancient Chinese technique similar to massage and acupuncture with a beauty tool made from a special type of stone specific to the trace elements of the skin this TCM modality improves micro-circulation, eliminates heat and toxins as it reduces wrinkles, sagging and eye bags; while lifting and firming eyes, chin, and neck areas as it diminishes blemishes, age spots and wrinkles. 

Japanese Zen Facial Massage


Japanese facial massage is an advanced modality of massage that treats surface and deep facial tissues, tsubo and meridians with highly refined hand techniques in accordance with Japanese medical theory. This massage includes the hands and feet, as it also encompasses the use of shiatsu, acupressure and aromatherapy.

Herbal Poultice Facial


This is an advanced esthetic facial massage integrating an ancient style of Thai massage that uses dried organic herbs wrapped in muslim steamed and applied directly to the face, eyes and neck area using a variety of specialized techniques to smooth, lift and tone as toxins are removed followed by contouring and sculpting.

Ayurvedic Indian Massage


Energize yourself with this holistic face, scalp, head and foot massage Using a combination of essential oils, Kansa wand tools, and reflexology this advanced modality pulls toxins out of the body through the skin along with heat, acidity and inflammation preparing the body for regeneration. This is followed by strengthening through additional oils and massage techniques giving the skin a healthy glow with the body more strengthened and rejuvenated.