The Practitioner


It was several years ago when I embarked on my journey of developing Beauty Beyond Fifty. Shortly after returning home from Iraqi Freedom.

I came back from the war wanting to reestablish myself. As I was already a massage therapist, energy practitioner and NSCA certified up until then, I took my life in another direction and decided to become a very special type of holistic beauty specialist.

I went on to acquiring my esthetic education at the Lancaster School of Cosmetology. Upon completion I immediately furthered my education receiving considerable training which included the longest, most in depth laser training in the industry through the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It was there I also trained in other types of equipment and advanced skin care giving me the ability to provide the best alternative treatment to the collagen producing  lasers for which I was trained in.

I then went on to train in sleek brows, nova lash, keratin infusion and brow rehab, Japanese facial massage, facial poultice, Gua Sha, Cupping and Indian massage. I have also studied makeup for aging skin.

Although I've taken many classes in massage, energetic therapy and esthetics it has not been my intention to capitalize on all I've been  trained in. It has been my goal to find the best natural, non dependent  alternatives.

As a practicing massage therapist and Reiki practitioner of eleven years I specialize in combining a variety of facial massage modalities, stones, gems & crystals for the enhanced flow of bioelectric energy throughout the body.

Maintaining a  NSCA-Fitness Certification of ten years combined with studies of Traditional  Chinese medicine, Japanese facial massage, mind/body fitness, chakra balancing, herbs, aromatherapy and nutrition has helped me to develop and pioneer a most natural and holistic approach to beauty and wellness as one for fifty and beyond that is specific to health conditions reflective of the aging processes through the skin, eyes, face and neck.

As someone who is over fifty  herself I am aware of what matters most to those of us with aging skin. I am friendly and welcome you to come in for a tour or consult anytime.